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, m., An Analysis of Kac-
cāyana; Npr.; title of a 14th century Pāli grammar at-
tributed to the Burmese
thera Mahāyasa; cf. Piṭ-sm §
402; PLB: 36 foll.; GEIGER 47; Gv 64,10 ascribes ~ to "a
certain teacher," but at
Gv 74,1-3 ~ is attributed to
Dhammānanda; — °-nava-ṭīkā, f.; a ṭīkā on Kac-
cāyanabheda attributed to the Burmese thera Vijaya-
pura; cf. Piṭ-sm § 404; — °-porāṇa-ṭīkā, f.; a ṭīkā
on Kaccāyanabheda ascribed to Ariyālaṁkāra; the
title of the work is
Sāratthavikāsinī; cf. Piṭ-sm § 403;
PLB: 55; GEIGER 47; — °-mahā-ṭīkā, f.; a ṭīkā on
Kaccāyanabheda ascribed to Uttamasikkha; Geiger