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, m. [cf. BHSD s.v. kāṁsa-], swindle
with metal; according to the ct.
~ means swindle
with copper dishes that have been processed to look
like gold; when people ask how they can be sure
that the dishes are made of gold, the swindler cheats
them by letting them examine one made of gold;

kaṁso vuccati suvaṇṇapāti. tāya vañcanaṁ ~aṁ.
kathaṁ ? ekaṁ suvaṇṇapātiṁ katvā aññā dve tisso
lohapātiyo suvaṇṇavaṇṇe karonti ... kathaṁ ime-
saṁ suvaṇṇabhāvo jānitabbo ti vutte, vīmaṁsitvā
gaṇhathā ti suvaṇṇapātiṁ pāsāne ghaṁsitvā, sab-
bapātiyo datvā gacchanti, Sv I 79,11 (ad D I 5,21) = Ps
II 210,21 (ad M I 180,17); — ifc. tulā-kūṭa-°
(~-māna-kūṭa, D I 5,21; M I 180,17).