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, n. [scdry deriv. from 1omaṭṭha; it appears
necessary to postulate this by analogy with the formation

of vemaṭṭha (q.v. infra) < vimaṭṭha (q.v. s.v. 1omaṭṭha)],
a cut or hole stemming from a blow from above;
theyyacitten' eva chiddaṁ karoti ~aṁ vā ummaṭṭhaṁ vā
vemaṭṭhaṁ vā, Sp 320,4; ~aṁ nāma adhomukhachiddaṁ,
320,6; tattha ~assa bahi paṭṭhāya katassa abbhantaranto
pādagghanake tele galite bahi anikkhante pi pārājikaṁ,