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, mfn. [cf. sa. etāva(t); for the gemination of
-tt- v. s. v. ettāvatā], so much; ~a byañjanaṁ sabbaṁ,
Nett 4,29* (BeCeEe so; ettakam eva sabbaṁ byañjanaṁ,
Nett-a 209,30 foll.); — Rem.: the gloss suggests that ~a
is to be taken as an adj., but the absence of -ṁ would
permit the interpretation of
°-byañjanaṁ as a cpd. Perhaps
ettāvatā (ettāvata metr.), with Ee v.l. (v. s.v.
ettāvatā 1.d.(ii)); — at It-a I 166,32 ~ā is w.r. for ettāvatā
(Ee v. l. BeCe so). ettāvat