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, pr. 3 sg. [ts., v. 1√ej; prakr. eyai], intr., to stir;
~ati kampati, Sadd 345,16; in the available references,
only metaph.
(thus differing from sa. and prakr.), to be
shaken, to be mentally perturbed by external factors;
sometimes interchanged with
iñjati (see v. ll. below);
I tasmā vādesu n' ~ati, Sn 859 (" ne is not agitated in [the
midst of] their accusations", Norman, Sn-Trsl.; nindā-
vacanesu na kampati, Pj II 550,19; na ~ati [EeSe so; Be
iñjati], na calati, na vedhati, na ppavedhati, na sam-
pavedhatī ti, Nidd I 250,13; na ~atī [BeEe so; Ce iñjatī]
ti, calanaṁ na karoti, Nidd-a I 350,15).