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, f, Npr. of a then (PPN I 453;
"evidently identical with Ubbarī"; v. s. v. Ubbari 5.); her
apadāna at Ap 525,10-526,31; the female counterpart
(with variations and amplifications) of 1Ekasanadayaka:
because she had given a seat to a samaṇa in a previous
(Ap 526,13-20), sne always enjoyed the best
possible seats
(526,22 = 382,8), the finest positions,
pleasures and best destinies
(526,7-26; 526,25-26 =
382,17-18); ~ā bhikkhunī imā gāthā abhāsittha, 526,30;
~āya theriyā apadānaṁ samattaṁ, 526,31.