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, n., the usual title of S V 204,23
205,6 (Spk III 237,30—240,20), an alternative title being
Ekābhiññā-sutta (v. PPN I 449); it defines the corre-
spondence between the
(decreasing) quality of the five
(saddhā-, etc.) indriyas and the successive stages from
araha(t) to the saddhânusāri(n); iti imasmiṁ suite
vipassanā kathitā, Spk III 240,20; both titles are given at
S V 204,22; cf. the uddāna Ekābhiññañ ca, 207,8 (Ee so,
despite Trsl. p. 180 n. 1, which is followed by PPN),
with v.l
Ekabījañ ca; Be 1954 reads ~aṁ, and in the
uddāna Ekabījī (Ce -bījaṁ): Tr. reads Ekabījañ ca; Se
Ekābhiññañ ca only.