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, mfn. (eka + ajjhāyana, q. v.; or,
perhaps, haplol. [Ai. Gr. I § 241a] for ek[ajjh'-]ajjhāya-
na, v. s. v. ekajjhaṁ), consisting of one (single) reading,
or: consisting of the reading together, in combination
two holy scriptures, the titles of which are combined in
one nt.
dv. cpd. [cf. Ai. Gr. II 1 §§ 68 foll.; Renou-Gr.
§ 86B] e.g. 'Dīgha-Majjhimaṁ' = D + M, etc.); °-pā-
vacana, Pay II 123,12; 127,3 (= Ce 1974 136,23; 138,11).