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, mfn., (Mss. read eka-cchatta-
yuta; *eka-cchayuta was probably written by haplogra-
phy, and wrongly restored as
eka-cchatta-yuta), fastened
to one shoulder
(?); fanciful explanations qu. by
W. Geiger,
Mhv-trsl. p. 152 n. 3; ~aṁ dhammakara-
kaṁ nīharantu ca, Mhv XXII 68 (nīharantu cā ti kac-
chato nīharantu ca, Mhv-ṭ 442,28-29; cf. dhammakara-
kaṁ namantu [v. l. nīharantu] . . . kacchamhā, Extend-
ed Mhv XXII 180).