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, mfn., less and/or more, too little and/or
too much;
(kukkuṭiyā) ~āni aṇḍāni, Sp 137,20 = Spk II
328,23; — ifc. an-°; — (a)kkhara-pada. mfn. bhvr., con-
taining verse line
(s) lacking a syllable or with an extra
~ā gāthāyo dissanti, Sadd 842,27; — = °tā in
°-nīvāraṇa-rasa, mfn. having the function of preventing
deficiency and excess;
Ps I 84,9 (of upekkhā; Be ūnâdhi-
katā-); As 133,19 (of tatramajjhattatā).