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, n., a mind that lacks something(?);
~am pūrayituṁ demi dānaṁ vaṇibbake . . . sambo-
dhi-m-anupattiyā, Cp I 4,9 [36] (Ee 1974 so; "to fill the
mind that was lacking in contentment", trsl. I. B. Hor-
~an ti pavattam ūnaṁ manaṁ pūrayituṁ pavattayi-
tuṁ, Cp-a 44,19); — Ee 1882 reads ūnadhanaṁ
(cf. prec., verse: dhanena vejjaṁ tappetvā rogato pari-
muccati); see ūnadhana; — in Burmese writing dha and
ma are very similar, so that it is likely that a scribal
error has caused the adoption of
m for dh in text and