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, pr. 3 sg. [accord. to Turner, IAL
2127 from sa. un-mārjayati, but perh. special meaning
of prec.
], to understand; moghapuriso ~amāno
ayoniso ~issati, M III 208,31 (sīsaṁ nīharamāno
anupāyena sīsaṁ nīharissati, Ps V 16,26-27; ayoniso
~amānā puggalā, Sp 195,9; ayoniso ~antassa uppan-
naṁ diṭṭhigataṁ, 870,34; yoniso ~anto, Th-a I 124,10;
ayoniso ~anto, 152,16; yoniso ~antā, III 93,32;
brāhmanavānijo ayoniso ~anto evaṁ cintesi, Pv-a