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, f., deliverance of the
mind that is
u.; kathaṁ bhāvitā . . . ~i, S V 120,18;
A V 301,8; ~iṁ bhāveyya, 301,3; I 39,2 (or read
upekkhaṁ cetovimuttiṁ with ed.?) = Paṭis I 138,5
(BeSe and v. l. in Ee -am -iṁ); S V 121,3; — cf. A V
360,25; Vibh 276,1; 279,22; — Rem.: prob. originally
not cpd. but apposition, see
D III 249,15 etc. s. v.
upekkhā, and cf. upekkhā me cetovimutti, A IV 300,13
and upekkhāya cetovimuttiyā, D I 251,19; cpd. found
in nom. and acc. only; in sgh. script
-ṁ is sometimes
confused with