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, °ssayati), pr. 3 sg. caus. [sa. upa-
darśayati], (doublet of upadaṁseti q. v.), to cause to see
or realize; to show, render evident
(to the mind);
kāraṇaṁ ~ehi ("show, make me see, the reason"),
Mil 276,17; opammena vā kāraṇena vā hetunā vā
nayena vā ~ayitum ("to cause to see by means of com-
parison, cause, reason, inference"
), 316,1,3 (nibbānassa
rūpaṁ) ≠ 347,8 (Buddha-balaṁ); dukkaraṁ . . .
Buddha-balaṁ ~ayituṁ, 347,18; opammaṁ ~etvā,
Ap 256,22 (so Ce; cf. upadaṁseti).