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, n. [pW upatīrtha "Steg zum Wasser'],
only in
supatittha (so normal spelling, cf. also PED
s. v. supatittha, BHSD s. v. supatīrtha; sūpa° rare,
°patiṭṭha wrong; cf. pW sūpatīrtha "provided with a
good access
["Steg"] to the water", sutīrtha ". . . b)
easily accessible (of waters)"), provided with good des-
(to the water), easily accessible, with good ghāts
(Ja VI 278,1, 515,13, 555,2; D II 19,1 = S I 90,18
etc.; supatittha = s'upa° or su-patittha ? cf. PED s.v.
patittha; ct.s: sundara-tittha).