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, udu(j)jita, udajjita, udājita, uduta,
; corrupt passage Paṭis I 162,25: imehi
soḷasahi ākārehi nducitaṁ samuducitaṁ cittaṁ
ekatte santiṭṭhati; Ee uddhataṁ cittaṁ samudu-
cittaṁ cittaṁ certainly wrong; v. ll. and Paṭis-a 469,8
foll. with v. ll. and two v. r.s yield as possible alterna-
uducitaṁ samuducitaṁ, udujitaṁ sam°, udā-
jitaṁ sam°, udupatacittaṁ sam°; to which might be
added from equally corrupt passage
S IV 196,23 with
Spk III 66,8: ujujātaṁ sam°, udajjitaṁ sam°, udujji-
taṁ sam°.