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, °hiṁ, aor. 3 and 1 sg. (either with
augment from
ubbahati [= prec. q. v.], or from *ud-
abbahati, cf. next), (he, I) tore out, removed, eradicated;
(Gotamo) sa-mūlaṁ bhavam ~ī ti, M I 330,22 (~
uddhari uppāṭesī ti attho, Ps II 415,7); bhave cittam
~iṁ ("I plucked out my mind [ = desire] for existence",
Norman), Th 158; (goṇo) garuṁ bhāraṁ ~i, Vin IV
5,37* (quoted Dhp-a III 213,9* and Ja I 193,9*, ttie
latter reading udaddhari for ~i).