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, m. or n. ? [sa.* ts.; cf. next], (spinning
) moving up (the hand to pull fresh cotton from the
); °ujjave āpatti pācittiyassa (for every ujjava,
there is one offence . . .), Vin IV 300,16 (Sp 935,6
[restored with help of BeCeSe]: °ujjave ti: yattakaṁ
hatthena añchitaṁ hoti, tattakamhi veṭhite ekā
āpatti, i. e. as often as so much has been twisted as was
pulled with the hand from the distaff, there is one offence;

Horner, Book of Disc. III 328 n. 2 is based on mangled
text of
Sp Ee); °ujjavane tassā pācittiyaṁ udāhare,
Vin-vn 235.