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, m., (the letter) ī, the 4th sound of speech in the
enumeration of the alphabet
(Kacc-v 2, Rūp 2,1, Sadd
604,19, Mogg-v I 1), the long vowel corresp. to short i,
both being called i-vaṇṇa, "an i-sound", Sadd 606,28
cf. Kacc 21, Kacc-v 407, Rūp 5,7-8; Grr. passim in
short rules, but also here alternating with the term

ī-kāra (see s.v.). — Grammatical elements (suffixes etc.)
ī or beginning with ī, see Sadd p. 1093; ī-paccaya, m.,
the suffix
ī, e.g. Kacc-v 239, Sadd 649,9; ī-vibhatti,
f., the inflectional ending ī, e. g. Sadd 883,5.