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, m. approach(ing), attack(ing); Vin II
195,28* mā, kuñjara, nāgam āsado, dukkhaṁ hi . . .
nāga-m-āsado (so construct; see also sub āsado; Sp
(VI) 1275,23 Buddhanāgaṁ āsādanaṁvadhaka-cittena
upagamanan nāma dukkham; Vjb Be 1960 532,18) =
Ja V 336,20* (which has dukkho) do not approach,
O elephant, the Elephant, for approaching the Elephant
leads to trouble. There is a play on words here between

nāga 'Elephant' and nāga < nāyaka 'leader'; cf. Lü-
ders, Beobachtungen § 87 Anm. As to the v. l.: the
eastern dialed would have
dukkhe . . . āsade. — ifc.
dur-° Ja VI 272,10' etc.