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, f., a pre-arranged order
in which alms are distributed if handed out an
ālopa at
a time
(ālopasaṅkhepena q. v.) and adhered to at a
nimantana and not observed at an uddesabhatta;
instr. sg. gahetvā ~āya bhājetvā dātabbaṁ, Sp
1260,2 (Sp-ṭ Be 1960 III 407,9 foll. ayañ ca nayo
nimantane yeva, na uddesabhatte . . . uddesabhatte
ālopa-ṭhitikā nāma natthi ≠ Vmv Be 1960 II 250,4
foll. ≠ Vajirabuddhi-ṭ Be 1960 530,9 foll.); abl.
~ato paṭṭhāya ālopa-saṅkhepena bhājetabbaṁ, Sp
1259,28 (v. ṭīkās ibid.); ṭhitikā fully explained at
Sp 1250,17 foll.; also v. next.