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, pr. 3 sg. (pass, of 2ārabhati), to be
i. e. killed or murdered; part. m. so pāṇo
~iyamāno dukkhaṁ domanassaṁ paṭisaṁvedeti,
M I 371,11 (= māriyamāno, Ps III 51,11); — cf. the
arabhiyanti, alabhiyanti, āla(ṁ)bhiyanti, haṁ-
ñanti (pr. 3 pl.), ālabhiyisaṁti (fut. 3 pl.) and ara-
bhiyisu, ālabhiyisu, alaṁbhiyisu (aor. 3 pl.) in the
first of Asoka's Rock Edicts.