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, m., n. [ts.], name of a certain plant and
its fruit
, ~-phala (CPD I s. v. [amora] ? Asparagus
), or simply used of a fragrant fruit;
w. r.
amora and amoda to be corrected; ~ always
followed by
phala, either in cpd. or as a split-cpd.
suvaṇṇavaṇṇaṁ sambuddhaṁ āhutīnaṁ
paṭiggahaṁ rathiyaṁ paṭipajjantam ~am adadaṁ
phalaṁ, Ap 443,3 (of Āmodaphaliyathera, the thera
Isidatta); the quotation of this is ~-phalam adās'
ahaṁ, Th-a Ee I 248,18*, Ce 238,27*; ~am adadaṁ
phalaṁ, Th-a E* II 15,6*, C* 256,22* (of the thera
Gotama); Th-a Ce 252,22* (of the thera Meḷajina)
gives pasannacitto sumano ~am adadiṁ phalaṁ,
quoting Ap 445,17, which has, however, ava(ṇ)ṭaṁ
adadaṁ phalaṁ, see s.v. avaṇṭa; madhuraṁ ~-phalaṁ
adāsi, Th-a Ee I 248,7, II 11,2, without madhuraṁ II