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(same as 8āma), as a medical term: mfn.
undigested or imperfectly digested
(as of food, chyme);
m. or n. undigested food, imperfect or unhealthy chyme,
disturbance of digestion, dyspepsia or a special sort of
dyspepsia; the subject of the 9th chapter of
Bhes (Āma-
bheda-nidassana or -vidhi); a definition of the term
Bhes 1:113 duṭṭham āmāsayagataṁ rasam ~aṁ
budhā viduṁ; the designation sâma is used about
symptoms, constituents of the body and diseases con-
nected with
~, or the persons thus suffering, the op-
posite is
nirāma, 1:112, 115, 116, 3:24; a quality of
rasa kasāva is to be ~-santhambhana, 2:37; see
āmadosa, āmaroga, āmāsaya.