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, pr. 3 sg. [ā + caus. of √bhū], to cause
to be present, to produce, engender, breed; to in-
crease, cultivate; 2 sg.
brahmalokupapattiyā mettacit-
taṁ ~esi, Pv 376 (Ee mettaṁ cittaṁ ăbh°); abs. ~et-
vā, ib. 378 (Ee ăbh°); Pv-a 168,2 ābhāvetvā ti vad-
ḍhetvā brūhetvā; abhāvetvā ti keci paṭhanti, tesaṁ
a-kāro nipātamattaṁ; cf. a-bhāveti.