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, n., commencement (of an action),
Gr.; epex. to explain ādikammika; — (meaning of
ā:) Abh 1180, Sadd 880,25 foll. (example āram-
bha), Pay fol. gr v. 5; (meaning of prefix pa:) Abh
1162, Paṭis-a 302,32; (meaning of prefix vi:) Sadd
885,4 foll. (example vippakataṁ), Pay fol. gū 1, Fausb.-
transcr. II 33 (where vikappakataṁ is found for the
vippakataṁ of Sadd); — ādibhūtam yogakammam
~aṁ, Vism-mhṭ Se II 252,1 (ad Vism 375,23 ādikam-
miko); ~e niyutto, Kkh-ṭ 65,27.