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, n. [ts.; from ā + pp. of √tan = Dhātup
519], titl "a stretched thing", a sort of drum covered with
leather only on one side;
Abh 139a, 140a; = bheriyâdi
(Abh-sūcī: ātanotî ti ~aṁ; 'cammâvanaddhesu' cam-
mena bandhanīyesu, 'talekekayutaṁ' ekena talena
yuttaṁ, 'kumbhathūna-daddarī-ādikaṁ' turiyaṁ ~aṁ
nāma); nom. sg. ~aṁ +, Sv (II) 617,2 ad D II 171,24;
Ps II 300,18; Spk I 191, ; Mp IV 130,15; Vv-a 37,2
(96,13); Mhv-ṭ (II) 518,21 (with definitions for all the
five kinds of musical instruments
); in comp, divillâ-
tata-dindimā, Dīp XVI 14.