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, prob. abs. (in *-ya) of ākaṅkhati;
bhikkhu ~ virāgam attano, Dhp 343, also at Dhp-a
IV 48,4, ct. ib. 50,7 ākaṅkhamāno. Sinh. Mss. have
~kha, Rask PAS XVI khṛ r. 6, PAS XVIII cu v. 2
(Sinh, transl. takes ~kha as a part.). Later Ms.,
Univ. uncat., has
~kha in text, chu r. 1, but ~khi in
(ib. 3) to suit the interpretation. Dhp-a Ce has
~khi in verse (p. 599) to agree with ~khamāno of ct.
Cf. also v. ll. in Burm. Mss.
~khanto, without
bhikkhu; puggalo ~kha, v. l. for A IV 238,20. —
. . . bahussute āsajjapaññe sevetha ~ vuddhim attano,
Ja VI 296,23*. — See next.