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, f. Npr., the consort of Dhammâ-
soka (not named in Dīp); prehistory and expl. of the
, Mhv V 51—60 (Mhv-ṭ); her share of the An-
otatta water, Sp I 42,7 ≠ Mhv V 85; sotâpatti (on
listening to the
karavīka), Sv (II) 453,12-30 = Ps III
383,9—384,2; her bodhi-pūjā, Mhbv 152,22; date of
her death
(and the succession of Tissarakkhā [Divy
397,21: Tiṣyarakṣitā] as mahesī), Mhv XX 2.