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, mfn. [sa. aviṣahya, neg. grd. of vi-
√sah], (a) unbearable (as something too heavy), (b) in-
(c) difficult to treat, untractable; n. sac'assa
hoti ~aṁ, MN I 207,21 (a) — III 157,14 = Vin I
157,23; sace ca jaññā ~am attano, Ja IV 226,11* (c;
); m. pl. bahū ete, ekakassa mayhaṁ ~ā, Dhp-a
III 242,24 (c); — °-sāhi(n), mfn., who can endure
what is
a° (b); voc. m. ~i, Ja V 8,10* (Ct.).