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, mfn. [neg. pp. of vi-rādheti], not
failed, not missed; n.
~aṁ (tāla-cchiggaḷena asanaṁ
atipātente, without missing), SN V 453,12 foll.;
do. metaph.clear, undoubted; PsIV 200,10 (=
'apaṇṇakaṁ'); — °-vedhi(n), mfn., = avirajjhana-
vedhi(n), q. v.; m. ~ī, Ja II 91,11' (= 'akkhaṇa-vedhī%
q. v.); — °- -hattha, m., the unfailing hand (of an
); Spk I 181,9.