Elof Olesen

In issuing the 10th part of this volume we regret to announce the death of our collaborator through many years, which occurred on September 23rd after several months' failing health. Mr. Olesen took part as long as possible in the collecting of materials and the reading of the proofs of this and the previous parts of this first volume, which bears witness to his accuracy and unfailing interest in the progress of the work.

Mr. Olesen, who was born August 17th 1877 and matriculated at the University of Copenhagen in 1895, at first applied himself to the study of classical philology and Sanskrit. From 1903 to 1925 he was a diligent and well-informed co-editor of the late Professor S. Sørensen's Index to the Names of the Mahābhārata. After that time he was our constant and faithful assistant in the study of Pāli-texts.

It is with gratitude that we remember his unremitting interest and the labour he gave to his task.

Copenhagen and Uppsala, October 1939.
Dines Andersen — Helmer Smith