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, m.; Npr.; title of a sutta
ascribed to Mahākaccāyana at Mp I 209,12; it is prob-
ably identical with a part of
M III 192,2-199,17 (=
Mahākaccānabhaddekarattasutta) recording a dis-
course attributed to
Mahākaccāna, in which he ex-
plains one of the
Buddha's utterances; the pervasive
use of
peyyāla in this text may have given rise to
the title ~; according to
PPN (v. s.v. Kaccāna Pey-
yāla) ~ is identical with Kaccānasutta (q.v.), which
is clearly wrong;
attha satthā aparabhāge Jetavane
viharanto Madhupiṇḍikasuttantaṁ ~aṁ (v.l. -āya-
na-) Pārāyanasuttan ti ime tayo suttante aṭṭhuppat-
tiṁ katvā theraṁ ... aggaṭṭhāne ṭhapesī ti, Mp I