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, n. [vb. noun from *ava + √sru], roof (ct.
so; v. infra
); hoti kho so āvuso samayo yaṁ gimhānaṁ
pacchime māse tālavaṇṭena pi vidhūpanena pi vātaṁ
pariyesanti, ~e (Ee ossav-; v. l. ossāv-) pi tiṇāni na
icchanti (ed.s so; read iñjanti ?), M I 189,5 ("there is a
time when, at the last month of the summertime, they seek
[to create] a breeze by means of a palmyra fan or a fan, [a
time when
] even the grass on the roof does not move [in
the wind
]"; ~e [CeEe ossāv-; Be and v.l. in Ee ossav-] ti
chadanagge, tena hi udakaṁ savati, tasmā taṁ ~an [CeEe
ossāv-; Be ossav-; v. ll. in Ee ossav-; osav-] ti vuccati, Ps
II 229,2). ossāvana