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, n. [probably scdry deriv. (a q was l-vṛddhi
formation) from *upadheya], fixing on to;
°-karaṇamatta, n., the mere action of fixing (a backing
[= patta]) on to (the kaṭhina cloth); as the ct.
explains, the backing strip is either taken from another
piece of cloth
[= āgantukapatta; not defined in CPD] or
from the
kaṭhina cloth itself; v. infra; na ~ena (so read
with v.l.; Ee
ovaddh-; v. ll. ovadhīya-; ovadhita-;
ovaṭṭiya-; ovaṭṭika-) atthataṁ hoti kaṭhinaṁ, Vin I
254,34 (~enā [so read; CeEe ovaṭṭ-; Be ovad-] ti
āgantukapattâropana-mattena [so read with Ce and v.l. in
Ee; Ee
-paṭâ-]. kaṭhina-cīvarato vā pattaṁ [so read with
v.l. and Ce; Ee
paṭaṁ] gahetvā aññasmiṁ kaṭhinacīvare
[v. l. akaṭh-] pattâropana-mattena, Sp 1110,34).