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and o-ropaṇa, n. [vb. nouns from oropeti,
q. v.; BHS avaropaṇa, q. v. in BHSD, s.v.; cf. oropanā
(f.)], 1. cutting off (hair); 2. depositing (~ is only
recorded in this sense in cpd., q. v. infra
); — 1.
sabbakesānam pana ~añ ca arahattaphalasacchikiriyā
apacchā apure ahosi, Th-a I 43,30; — ifc. kesamassu-°
(Mp V 38,16; Sp 1016,22 [in long cpd.]; 968,7 [~-kāla,
m., time for cutting off hair and beard; ad Vin I 21,33];
kes'-° (Dhp-a I 431, n. [~-satthaka, n., a knife for cutting
off hair
]); dhātu-° (Mhv XVII 34; 33 [--attha, m. the
purpose of depositing a relic
]; Sp 88,21 [ ~- attha]; bhāra-°
(Bv Ee 1974 II 114). o-ropana