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, ind., for iti in the meaning "for this reason"; itī
ti vutta-pppakārena ... athavā etī ti iminā kāraṇena, It-a
II 75,18 (ad It 76,9* "iti h' etaṁ namassanti"); cf. eti ha
taṁ at Sn 666b, where Ee p. 128 n. 16 quotes Pj as
iti ha taṁ and iti hataṁ, and states "thus eti
seems to have been understood as a metrical form of iti";
for the metre it compares Sn 6b (where iti must be
īti); Pj II 479,8, however, reads eti with iti as a
v. l.;Rem.: it would appear that H. Smith changed his
mind about the reading in
Pj II between 1913 and 1917.]