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, m. n., one or two days; ~aṁ (" for one
or two days"
) pāsāde yeva ahosi Ja I 292,17; ~aṁ tatth'
eva ahosi, V 12,19; ~am pi ekato avutthapubbaṁ, VI
311,1'; — °'-accaya, m., the end of one or two days;
~ena ("after one or two days had passed"), Ja I 253,22;
255,14; 292,18; II 298,14; V 285,9; 298,14; — °-matta,
mfn., lasting only one or two days; tassa taṁ ~am eva
ahosi, Ja V 13,7 ("this lasted him only one or two days");
— °âdi, mfn., one or two days or more; Sp 722,19