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, f. (eka + āvalī), 1. a necklace consisting of a
single string of pearls
(one of the king's regalia); 2. (t.t.
) a figure in which what is mentioned first is qualified
by what follows, and this again by what comes after, and
so on. It is two-fold: affirmative
(vidhi) and negative
(nisedha); — 1. ~ī, ṭ ad Abh 289; ~iṁ gahetvā ca ekākī so
va nikkhami, Mhv XLIV 127; ~iṁ vinā c' eva rājā hutvā
yathāvidhi, 128; ~iṁ gahetvāna akkhamālaṁ akā kira,
XLVI 17; — 2. Subodh 317-19 (v. Trsl. p. 103).