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, mfn., [pp. of āsaṅkati], suspected etc;
m. nom. sg.
~o, Ja VI 372,21; n. loc sg. aticārinī ti
~e, Vv-a 110,4 (Be ~ā, as f. nom. sg.); — °-pa-
, mfn., full of fear and suspicion; m. nom. sg.
~o, Dhp-a I 223,2; Mil 372,27; n. nom. sg. ~aṁ, Spk
I 108,8; — °-samācāra, mfn., of dubious conduct, (or:
who suspects the conduct of others'?
); m. nom. sg. saṅ-
kassarâcāro ti ~o, Spk I 127,22 (C. A. F. Rhys Davids,
Kindred Sayings I 91: "suspecting all", cf. saṅkassa-
râcāra All 239,30 trsl. by Woodward "of suspicious
); v. also saṅkassarâcāra.