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, Npr., a powerful yakkha
converted by the Buddha; mentioned in Āḷava(ka)
Sutta, S I 213,23 foll. = Sn 31,23 foll., and'the full
story in all details in their Ctt.,
Spk I 316,24 foll.,
Pj II 217,2 foll. and a shorter version at Mp I 388,26
foll.; his conversion is looked upon as a significant
event in the
Buddha's career and is classed among
equally important conversions such as that of
māla or with those of equally powerful amanussas;
Vism 208,2; Sv 232,11; Ps I 133,16; Ja IV 180,23; ib.
VI 329,24; Nidd-a II 44,6; Ap-a 419,32; Bv-a 32,29;
Mhv XXX 84 (Mhv-ṭ 546,23); Dāṭh III 47; Ss 67,23;
Thūp 81,38; Buddha's journey of thirty yojanas to
convert him emphasised:
Sv 239,24; Ps II 148,34; Pj
II 440,5; Ja IV 180,23; Mhbv 83,3; is classed among
the most powerful
yakkhas, D III 205,5*; Mp II 110,10;
IV 114,4; II 124,30; Bv-a 3,30; Ps I 133,16; as v.l. Thī-a
62,18 (Ee Āḷavika); also v. PPN.