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(-sutta) — or an equivalent designa-
about eight suttas in A: I 244—245, II
250—252 (two suttas), III 248,7-22, 282—284 (three
suttas), IV 188—190, where terms for eminent qualities
characteristic of an
assâjānīya (vaṇṇasampanna etc.)
are applied to virtues to be found in a
bhikkhu; —
the actual "titles", given in the uddānas in a form
suiting the metre, are the following: tayo ājāniyā,
A Se 1331,18; dve ājaññā, Ee II 253,14; ājānī, III
251,26 (perh. = noble birth, fact or characteristic of
); tayo ājāniyā, III 288,18; ājaññam, IV
208,15; the readings are not certain. Ājāniya-sutta